Emergency Repairs

Dear Tenant

If you have an emergency that can’t wait until I get back into town, please call the necessary numbers for repairs. However, if it isn’t a true emergency and you called for repairs, I may increase your rent to cover the cost. I sincerely don’t want to do this.

While I’m gone, please call me first:

John Steel 805-886-8403, or my wife Alina 805-403-2844

Then the manager if there are any problems.

Cell: 805-252-3593

If the Manager is not available, you may call the following people for repairs.

General Repair Workers and Companies:

Arturo Espinosa
Cell: 805-689-9669

Jim Dunning
Cell: 805-886-9573

Appliance Repair Heaters, Refrigerators, Stoves:

Corral Appliance & Heating
1032 Haley
Rubin 805-560-3641

A1 Appliances
720 Reddick
Burnie 805-455-4039